Intro To My iPhonetography Series: Taking Photos Using iPhone

iphonetography series intro

Thanks to social media and smartphones, photography has become an accessible and enjoyable hobby for everyone. It’s easier to take professional-looking photos nowadays with a handy iPhone, which gave birth to iPhonetography. However, the concept of taking great photos using an iPhone is relatively new, and Urban Dictionary still thinks that anyone who does iPhonetography is a noob .

I used to think that, too.

When I first started my hobby in photography seven years ago, I was working at Canon as a Product Marketing Assistant. My stint in Canon influenced me to start a relationship with DSLR photography.

At that time, Samsung had just started releasing smartphones with high-quality cameras, which threatened the business of the main product I was marketing. Because of that, I developed a strong bias against phone photography and vowed to never take “proper” photos using my smartphone.

Fast forward to 2020:

I take photos most of my travel using my iPhone. (You’ve probably guessed it right; I’m obviously not working in the same company anymore. Hehe!) Although smartphones can never replace DSLR cameras, I eventually realized that our smartphones today are good enough alternatives for spontaneous moments especially when we travel.

When shooting certain scenery or subjects in low-light, I prefer using my DSLR camera for its versatility and higher resolution. However, for everything else in broad daylight, my iPhone does a really good job.

I’m putting this out there because even though I eventually want to become a Freelance Photographer, I believe that great photos can also be produced using an iPhone or any other smartphone cameras.

In this iPhonetography series, I will be showcasing photographs I took using my iPhone as well as tips on how I edit them using *surprise!* my iPhone!

To kick-start this series, here are some of my favorite photos – taken and edited using my iPhone – from my latest travel in 2019:

Landscapes of the Scottish Highlands

The landscapes of Scotland are breathtaking! My favorite scenic moment is when the signature fog of the UK hovers over the mountains and the lochs. It’s what makes Scotland unique and majestic.

I found that my iPhone was cooperative enough to capture (and do justice to!) the beauty of Scotland without filter.

Fun facts: The top-left photo was taken while I was video recording inside the moving tour van! I’m impressed with how it turned out. The bottom-right photo was taken with the panoramic setting. Because the subject isn’t moving (lol, thank god), the iPhone was able to perfectly stitch together the scenery into this panoramic beaut! ❤

Portraits of the Edinburgh Castle

Can you believe these were taken using just my iPhone??? I still can’t believe it (sometimes). But in order to achieve these, I also edited using the apps Lightroom and VSCO.

Edinburgh is one of my most favorite cities in the world and I’m happy that I was able to live here for a year while I took my Master’s in the University of Edinburgh. So watch out for my Edinburgh-themed blog one day where I proudly showcase the magical city — the birthplace of Harry Potter!

Fun fact: While I was living in Edinburgh, I never got to go to this spot featured in my photos. When I came back after three years, I made sure to find this picture-perfect spot. It felt like I ticked something very important off my bucket list.

Those are just a (very) few examples of my travel photos taken with my iPhone.

I will be sharing a lot more in the coming weeks ahead! I hope I have inspired you somehow or in some way to take nice scenic photographs with just your smartphone.

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