Taking Flat Lay Photos of my Coffee Escapades

Taking Flat Lay Photos of my Coffee Escapades

Step into my world of coffee

I enter a small, charming coffee shop and then smell the familiar– Mmmm….Coffee! I find the coziest seat usually by the corner and lug my heavy bags as I hurriedly secure my spot. I go through my bags, take out my laptop, book and journal, which I probably won’t touch anyway.

I walk to the counter to order my coffee and then back to my seat to wait. I look around, watch strangers chatter, and breathe in all the positive and inspiring energy that a coffee shop usually emanates. Ah, isn’t this relaxing?

My coffee arrives. Yay! The temperature is just right – not too hot. Its distinct smell, with notes of dark chocolate and nuts, disperses through the room, making my neighbors order another round of coffee. Wow, coffee does wonders. I thought to myself, now’s the time.

Right when the mood is right, the lighting and presentation are good, I take out my camera and shamelessly take photos of my coffee.

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Editing iPhone Photos On VSCO Cam

This Is How I Edit My iPhone Photos On VSCO Cam

For iPhonetography (or iPhone Photography) Editing, the main tool I use is the VSCO Cam app. It’s a free photo editing app that has beautiful presets to choose from, make editing easier with just a few touches.

In this article, I will demonstrate how I edited two flat lay photos from my coffee escapades featured in my previous post, where I showcased my favorite flat lay coffee photos.

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Intro To My iPhonetography Series: Taking Photos Using iPhone

Thanks to social media and smartphones, photography has become an accessible and enjoyable hobby for everyone. It’s easier to take professional-looking photos nowadays with a handy iPhone, which gave birth to iPhonetography. However, the concept of taking great photos using an iPhone is relatively new, and Urban Dictionary still thinks that anyone who does iPhonetography is a noob .

I used to think that, too.

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